Wish You Could Optimize Your Inventory in Fishbowl?

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Just like my clients, I love Fishbowl, the software system that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to provide an easy-to-use inventory management system.

With Fishbowl you can handle critical tasks that are impossible with QuickBooks alone, such as having units of measure that reflect the way you actually do business.

That said, you may have found that Fishbowl’s inventory replenishment tools aren’t meeting your needs. While Fishbowl can calculate reorder points and make suggestions for purchase and manufacturing orders, these functions are based on quantity—they don’t factor in time. For example, let’s say you have something on a sales order that is not currently in stock, but isn’t due to ship until two months from now. Even if the entire manufacturing process takes just 10 minutes, Fishbowl will see that the item is out of stock and tell you to build it today.

There’s a simple solution

If you want a robust system for optimizing your inventory in Fishbowl, NETSTOCK is for you. Created to meet the needs of manufacturing, distribution, and retail businesses, NETSTOCK is a third party application that helps you:

  • Reduce excess inventory
  • Prevent stock-outs
  • Free up cash

Essentially, NETSTOCK is inventory optimization nirvana! Plus, it levels the playing field by making the math, technology and best practices that used to only be available to the biggest companies in your market available to organizations like yours, too.

Stop basing decisions on “gut feel”

NETSTOCK can help you create a perfect purchase order in a matter of minutes, with order quantities based on solid metrics and proven algorithms instead of your inventory planner’s best guess. Not only does the system factor in time on all of its recommendations, it even takes into consideration factors like how factory closures in the Far East during the Chinese New Year will impact your inventory replenishment plans.

Get all of your information in one dashboard

Implementing NETSTOCK is quick and simple. The app connects directly to Fishbowl each day to present your most pressing inventory issues in one easy-to-use, web-based dashboard.

You can say goodbye to that spreadsheet that your warehouse manager passes around every day.

You know, the one with the numbers that become outdated as soon as it’s printed out. In its place, you’ll have real-time visibility into everything that’s happening in your warehouse right now, accessible anytime from any internet-connected device.

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Jeanne Tarazevits
CPA, QuickBooks Maven, Fishbowl Guru

As a Top 100 QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Fishbowl Inventory Super Hero, Jeanne helps businesses change the way they do business by getting their inventory management, accounting and manufacturing systems all working together seamlessly. In providing these services Jeanne draws upon her knowledge as a CPA, her previous experience as an Auditor with Ernst & Young and long-time CFO of a publicly-traded medical device manufacturer, and the expertise gained in the 10+ years she has been working with Fishbowl Inventory.

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