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All technology has a life cycle, often with a better and newer replacement. The same applies to your QuickBooks software.

If you didn't already know Intuit suspends QuickBooks add-ons and services every three years. This is called the sunset cycle. This will affect all 2018 QuickBooks Desktop users on May 31st 2021. We break down exactly what happens and how it will affect you and your business operations. 


What services will I lose?

2018 QuickBooks users will no longer have access to the following: 

  • Direct Intuit support
  • Patches, or payroll updates for that version
  • Use of Online Banking
  • Merchant Services
Do I have to upgrade?

You do not have to upgrade. However, before you pass on this upgrade, you will lose Intuit features and services that help you maintain your QuickBooks file. Intuit support, online banking, merchant services, certain plugins and 3rd party applications may also experience issues. 
Which QuickBooks edition should I upgrade to? 

You can choose to upgrade to the latest product you are currently using or consider the next edition up. So, if you are unsatisfied with your QuickBooks product or your business grew in the last three years and you need a more powerful and robust software, upgrading up is ideal.  
Say you are currently using QuickBooks 2017 Premier for 5 users and you recently hired an employee who now needs a 6th user right. It is recommended you purchase QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2020. QuickBooks Premier only allows up to 5 users maximum, whereas QuickBooks Enterprise allows up to 30 users, plus it has many more features to offer! Compare the different levels of QuickBooks Desktop here

Which QuickBooks Editions are Affected?

  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018
  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2018
  • QuickBooks Desktop Accountant 2018
When you are ready to upgrade, we offer discounts that will help save you money on your upgrade. Visit our shop page and get your latest QuickBooks software before May 31, 2021.
If you aren't sure which QuickBooks software will best fit your business needs, schedule a consultation or give us a call at 1-888-745-1533
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