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Working Remotely seems to be the theme for 2020. Fishbowl’s Dropbox plugin makes it super easy to share documents. Here's a guide for how to best organize your Fishbowl Dropbox Documents. 

Master Files


    • Maybe a business license or something else that is asked for frequently
    • Maybe our reseller certificate stored here rather than with each Vendor


    • Customer Contract – Distributor – Dealer
    • Customer Contract – Service or Support – Warranty
    • Customer Resale Certificates


    • Contract
    • ISO certification


    • Engineering documents
    • QA Inspection criteria
    • Certifications required


    • Packaging Configurations

Bill of Materials

    • Engineering Documents
    • Manufacturing Instructions
    • Inspection criteria


Sales Orders

    • Customer PO
    • Customer Specifications
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Special Instructions


    • Bill of Lading
    • Packing List
    • Tracking Information


    • Photographs of damaged goods
    • Customer Claim Document

Purchase Orders

    • Vendor Acknowledgements
    • Special instructions
    • Requests for Material Certifications


    • Vendor Packing List
    • Vendor Material Certifications
    • Inspection documents

Manufacture Order

    • Finished Manufacturing Traveller
    • Inspection Documents

Work Order

    • Finished Work Order Traveller
    • Inspection Documents

Transfer Order

    • Packing Lists
    • Receiving Documents

You can download a PDF version here.

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