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First Steps: Setting up in QuickBooks 

First, you'll need to create two new accounts
Gift Cards Redeemed  Type = Other Current Asset
Gift Cards Outstanding  Type = Current Liability
Next Steps: Setting up in Fishbowl 
Bring over the QuickBooks Accounts into Fishbowl. Create payment type called Gift Card.
Map the Gift Card Payment to Gift Cards Redeemed account
Final Steps: The Process  
When you accept payments in Fishbowl Choose the Gift Card Payment type.
That payment will be exported to QuickBooks hitting the Gift Cards Redeemed account.
Then manually edit that payment and remap it to Gift Cards Outstanding.
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Jeanne Tarazevits
CPA, QuickBooks Maven, Fishbowl Guru

As a Top 100 QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Fishbowl Inventory Super Hero, Jeanne helps businesses change the way they do business by getting their inventory management, accounting and manufacturing systems all working together seamlessly. In providing these services Jeanne draws upon her knowledge as a CPA, her previous experience as an Auditor with Ernst & Young and long-time CFO of a publicly-traded medical device manufacturer, and the expertise gained in the 10+ years she has been working with Fishbowl Inventory.

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